Un SO Debian Edu extraordinario, o atención maestros.

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Ha llegado una comunicación extraordinaria – y por eso el título - sobre Skolelinux - ahora en Whezzy; copio:

“Debian Edu, also known as Skolelinux [4], is a Linux distribution based on Debian providing an out-of-the box environment of a completely configured school network. Immediately after installation a school server running all services needed for a school network is set up just waiting for users and machines to be added via GOsa², a comfortable Web-UI. A netbooting environment is prepared using PXE, so after initial installation of the main server from CD or USB stick all other machinescan be installed via the network. The provided school server provides an LDAP database and Kerberos authentication service, centralized home directories, a DHCP server, a web proxy and many other services. The desktop contains more than 60 educational software packages [5] and morebesides are available from the Debian archive, and schools can choose between KDE Plasma, GNOME, LXDE and Xfce desktop environments.”

Lucas Nussbaum ha escrito: “ * Lucas Nussbaum, Debian [3] Project Leader: "Debian Edu is a fantastic project, for at least two reasons. First, because it exposes a wider public, and specifically children, to FreeSoftware and Debian. Second, because it demonstrates how one can build a successful distribution on top of Debian, while doing all the work inside Debian."

Para descargar: “the multiarch netinstall CD release (655 MiB) you can use:
rsync-avzP ftp.skolelinux.org::skolelinux-cd/debian-edu-7.1+edu0-CD.iso
The SHA1SUM of this image is: bebcb64d38e34e7c9f04db9f251a5e55bdb56670

Para descargar “the multiarch USB stick ISO release (5.4 GiB) you can use:
rsync-avzP ftp.skolelinux.org::skolelinux-cd/debian-edu-7.1+edu0-USB.iso
The SHA1SUM of this image is: a86ec62c06890dc0d32a82ebaca093e72b35e09c

Aunque las páginas del SO se encuentran en noruego, italiano e inglés, entiendo que el instalador comprende 29 idiomas y el Manual está parcialmente traducido al español
Mayor información en :
http://people.skolelinux.org/pere/blog/Educational_applications_included... Skolelinux_the_screenshot_collection. html

Adquiriré un pendrive USB de 08 Gb,después de probarlo (qué emoción)y ver como va en nuestro idioma, informo.