Nuevas releases de Hoary


Esta vez se trata del Array CD 5

A new set of development CD images for the upcoming Ubuntu Linux 5.04 "Hoary" has been released. Some of the improvements: "Fixed grub segfault on AMD64; running grub-install is safe again. Some very preliminary support for automatic installations using Kickstart, in addition to the automatic installation method ('preseeding') provided by debian-installer; not finished or documented yet, but I'd be interested to hear from people who need this feature. Improvements to installer rescue mode user interface. USB installations now supported on powerpc. Avoid signature validation errors when installing on systems with badly skewed clocks. Allow selecting multiple supported locales in expert mode."

As with Array CD 4, this release includes both the Install CD and the
Live CD.

Anuncio oficial aqui

versión install Hoary-install-i386.iso
versión LiveCD Hoary-live-i386.iso
versiones para AMD64, IA64 & PowerPC aqui