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hola. (Ubuntu 7.10)

he instalado moblock y tambien blocklist manager (este baja las ips que va a bloquear el moblock).

He configurado a moblock asi:

# Specify the format of the blocklists that you use. You can´t mix different

# formats.

# d - eMule ipfilter.dat format

# n - peerguardian .p2b v2 binary format

# p - peerguardian .p2p text format


# Specify a NFQUEUE queue number (default 0)

# Works only with -nfq version


# Turn on/off automatic start

# 0 - Don´t start MoBlock at system boot

# 1 - Start MoBlock at system boot


# Turn on/off automatic blocklist update

# 0 - Don´t update the blocklists automatically

# 1 - Update the blocklists automatically


# Set the verbosity of moblock-control

# 0 - No normal output to STDOUT, only to logfile

# 1 - Output to STDOUT and to logfile


- Cuando pongo en la terminal pongo sudo moblock-control status manda el siguiente mensaje:

lease check if the above printed iptables rules are correct!

* moblock is running

- cuando pongo sudo moblock-control update manda:

Updating blocklists and reloading MoBlock ...done.

For the following lists there was no update available:

- Cuando pongo en la terminal sudo moblock-control test manda esto:

CAUTION: This is just a simple test to check if MoBlock blocks outgoing

connections. For this one IP from your blocklist will be pinged. This test does

not check if you have sane iptables rules or if your complete blocklist is in

the correct format. Therefore success doesn't imply that everything is working

as you expect it and failure doesn't imply that MoBlock is not working.

Also have a look at "/usr/bin/moblock-control status"

Trying to ping 4.2......... from /etc/moblock/guarding.p2p ...

* MoBlock did not block the IP.


* If you just started/reloaded MoBlock wait until it loaded completely.

* This will be when /var/log/moblock.log shows the following line:

* NFQUEUE: binding to queue '0'


* 4.2........ did not answer.


* Maybe 4.2...... is down/doesn't answer to pings

* or your firewall filtered the ping (uso firestarter).


- Ahora cuando uso blocklistmanager guardo un archivo que le pongo como nombre ipfilter.p2p y lo guardo en /etc/moblock/. ¿Esta bien el nombre que le pongo al archivo p2p?

- ¿Tengo bien configurado moblock?, y no se si esta funcionando?

Gracias de antemano.