Nvu for newbies in html (from dreamweaver)


How good! When you do not know if you’re doing a little dreamwaver tutorial and you’re done, you have to create pages like cakes in an oven.

But now that a quarter or so ago I only use ubuntu, and of course, also Nvu instead of dreamweaver, I find that, I must relearn what I supposedly knew, and I say supposedly, because now I do not know anything . For example, what in the other program is called a substitution image, that is, you pass the mouse over and change the image, there it is done from the graphical environment, and for Nvu you should know some Javascript and html code.

Well I have been looking for a few days, and I have found some html guides, which have helped me but not with the image, for example, or the creation of forms. There goes the question: Does anyone know of any guide for html beginners? I do not sound like Chinese please …. and decent guides of Nvu I have not found, are there?

Well if anyone knows …

Many thanks.

Best Answer:

Try this one:


Html is easy, I encourage you to learn how to write pages bareback. I think it’s much more interesting not to depend on applications that do things for you.

On the other hand, there are forms on my website, it might help you take a look at the code.