Problem with the Ubuntu software center (SOLVED)


Hello friends, I detail s.indicaciones data of the equipment:

  • Memory 2 GB
  • Proc intel Pentiun Dual CPU E 220 @ 2.40 GHzx2
  • Graphics intel G 33×86 / MMX / SSE2
  • SO 32 bits
  • Disk (Ubuntu) 120 GB

When I installed the new version of the new software center, it opened, although with some difficulty, (it took a long time) but it opened, now it opens and closes immediately, it leaves a message to correct, it says to remove obsolete files, but I do not have enough knowledge, probe look at the package manager, apparently there are two files with the software, but I’m not sure, or I know, if so, what to remove, the question is whether I should try something (with help, of course) or advise that I leave things as they are now: I have been able to open the software with the old format, and apparently, it works, although the error message always appears. I pass a copy I do not know if it will be enough, from the part where it indicates about the files . Thank you
/ home / martin / Documents / Screenshot 2016-11-27 21-44-54.png.pdf

I apologize, I did not find another way to send the copy of the one I spoke to.

Best Answer:

Hello, I would like to see the screenshot, I recommend using a server to host photos and upload it, but from what I understand, try to do the following, I do not have much knowledge yet, but researching and having some similar problems with the center. ubuntu software, and without finding a solution in Spanish I found it in forums in English, so I’ll leave it here translated. As a recommendation, use Synaptics to install and uninstall packages, although I understand the graphic environment of the ubuuntu software center is more visual.

Open the terminal and enter the following:

 sudo appstreamcli refresh –force –verbose` and `appstreamcli status 

Das enter. And wait.
Open the software center again and tell me if it works. In case it does not work, uninstall with:

sudo apt purge gnome-software ubuntu-software
sudo apt autoremove
sudo apt install gnome-software ubuntu-software

By uninstalling all residue, folders, cache, .local and .config you can do it manually or using software that is on the official page of ubuntu of downloads of app.

Good luck and comment if it served you.