How to recover grub 2 after installing Windows 7

Hello, I will explain how I recovered grub 2 in karmic (9.10). (I’m not an expert but it worked for me):

I had the version of Windows Xp and Karmic. I decided to try windows 7 with the sacrifice that I lost grub 2 and did the following:

1º I got the version of Super Grub Disk 0.9. It’s true it does not fix versions of grub 2 but it helps, how? then we started our Linux partition from Super Grub Disk by choosing “Start GNU / linux directly” and you start your version of Linux (in my case Ubuntu 9.10).
2º You go to the terminal and write the following:

sudo grub-mkconfig (after I finish this 🙂

sudo grub-install / dev / sda (after I finish this 🙂

sudo update-grub


and ready to run.

I hope it serves you, best regards